About us

Acai Berry (Thailand) Co,.Ltd.

At Acai Berry (Thailand) Co., Ltd, we conduct our business with honesty and sincerity, in order to bring you the best quality products and focuses on being one of the options to fulfil our customers’ health needs and to help them achieve a better health. We are well aware of how vital it is for you to be able to maintain a good health and sustainable living. One of our company’s values is integrity with our own selves, our customers, our staff, our consumers and our society. We carefully select Acai Berry from its high quality origin, with its unique properties from the Amazon River Basin, packed freeze dried in satchels under the brand “Hearty Acai”, filled with excellent quality ingredients from trusted origin. Since we know how much our customers care for good health, wellbeing and sustainable living, we are pleased to present you products packed with high quality from its origin to our customers.