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Hearty Acai’s Journey

Hearty Acai’s Journey

Posted in: Article & Health
January 25th 2017

There are various types of what is believed to be ‘super foods’ around us, but why Acai Berry are chosen to be a product of “Hearty Acai”? This dark purple powder is made out of fruits of the assai palms from the Amazon River estuary floodplains of the Brazilian state of Pará.

Their amazing journey is what we are going to tell you here :

To begin with, it is to do with where these palms are grown. These incredibly tall (18.29-24.38 metres) plants can be found in Brazil, Colombia and Suriname – around the Amazon basin. Harvesting method of these fruits has been conducted in the same way for centuries and it is quite a dangerous task, performed only by individuals who are accustomed to climbing assai palms.

After the palm’s branches are taken, they will be going through a freeze-drying process for 24 hours in order to keep contain the entire nutrients inside, for us to enjoy the full benefits of Acai Berry.

Once the productions are complete, freeze dried Acai Berry are packed into our “Hearty Acai” pouches. And that is when you can enjoy your new experience from the secret of the Amazon.

But why “Hearty Acai”, you may ask? The name derives from an idiom Hale and Hearty in English, and to us it emphasises the meaning of being healthy and free from illness. We believe we can introduce Acai Berry to Southeast Asian countries, for all to be Hale and Hearty, from the heart of Amazonian palms.

Quiz: Do you know what native Amazonian, such as Brazilians and Peruvians, use Acai Berry for in their traditional medicine?

Answer: In Brazil, Acai Berry can be used as astringent and for blood cleansing. They can also be beneficial to treatments of anaemia, diarrhoea, fever, haemorrhage, jaundice, liver diseases, parasites and ulcers.

In Peru, they can be found useful for treatments of diabetes, fever, hair loss, haemorrhage, hepatitis, jaundice, kidney problems, liver diseases, malaria, menstrual pain and muscle pain.

Now, what do you think you will use Acai Berry for?