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Top Ten List of Superfoods

Top Ten List of Superfoods

Posted in: Article & Health
April 20th 2017

Over the years, researches have been conducted on one mysterious fruit which is found to have positive impact on human’s health. That mysterious fruit is Açaí Berry. It has since been categorised as one of the “Top Ten List of Superfoods” by Dr. Nicholas Perricone, featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Açaí Berry is a native fruit, grown only in the Amazon Region. Its myth derives from the fact that fewer people ever heard about this amazing nature’s creation. Historically, the ancient people of Amazon had harvested these holy fruits and taken them prior to entering the wars, with a belief that Açaí Berry would empower them for a fight. These days, nutritionists and pharmaceutical professionals have researched and discovered amazingly effective healing and health promoting benefits of Açaí Berry.

Açaí Berry is a round, dark purple fruit produced in branched pinnacles from Açaí palm trees. These trees are one of the local palms of tropical forests in Central and South America. Açaí palm is spindly, and is approximately 15 – 30 metres high, with its leaves span around three metres long. Açaí fruit has similar appearance to that of a grape; however with less grain. Açaí palm is found along rivers in the Amazon. The flow lines converge at the mouth of the river in the Amazon jungle. The area covers the north east of Brazil to the Pacific Ocean, between the cities of Regina and Amapá.